Ekobord Flat

EkobordFlat, which has been generated through an R&D study, has been developed with special technologies and systems, are produced colored or pattern printed by being spray-painted.

Ekobord produces the flat as painted with the painting systems developed in its own production facilities, and makes them ready for delivery to the worksite. This more technological system that gives the impression of coating, removes the priming and top coat paint processes on construction sites. EkobordFlat Pattern Print is a very special Ekobord technology applying any photograph or pattern directly to the flat.


4 mm - 18 mm (By increasing 2 mm)

Standard Production Dimensions

(width) 1250 x (lenght) 2500/ 2800/3000 mm

Special production and cutting are performed according to the project.

Siding Exteriors
Interior Decorative Plating
Column Facing
Wall Applications Wall Panels
Partition Walls
Prefabricated Building Walls
Applications Below The Ceiling and Roof Coatings Suspended Ceiling (8 mm products)
Technical SpecificationsValues

Unit Volume Weight (Density)

~1370 ±50 kg/m³

Bending Strength

Transverse13 MPa      Longitudinal 17 MPa

Compressive Strength

>35 MPa (N/mm²)

Modulus of Elasticity

Transverse7500 MPa     Longitudinal 8500 MPa

Coefficient of Thermal Conduction (λ)

0,18 w/mK

Thermal Expansion Coefficient (α)

0,005 mm/mK

Vapor Diffusion Resistance Coefficient

190 μ

Water Exposures

~0,5 mm/m


<%10 (depending on the atmosphere humidity)


<% 30

Water Absorption Ratio

<% 25



Flat Sheet Boards %10, Textured Boards -%10 to +%15

Width / Lenght

±3,75 mm / ±5 mm

Edge Smoothness





Organic Pests and Gas Emission

Does not contain any organic pests and toxic gas emissions are not available.


NT type (Non-Asbestos) Board

Frost Resistance

Freeze-thaw resistant according to TS EN 12467

Water Impermeability

Impermeable according to TS EN 12467