Technical Specifications

Technical SpecificationsValues

Unit Volume Weight (Density)

~1370 50 kg/m

Bending Strength

Transverse 13 MPa Longitudinal 17 MPa

Compressive Strength

>35 MPa (N/mm)

Modulus of Elasticity

Transverse 7500 MPa Longitudinal 8500 MPa

Coefficient of Thermal Conduction (λ)

0,18 w/mK

Thermal Expansion Coefficient (α)

0,005 mm/mK

Vapor Diffusion Resistance Coefficient

190 μ

Water Exposures

~0,5 mm/m


<%10 (depending on the atmosphere humidity)


<% 30

Water Absorption Ratio

<% 25



Flat Sheet Boards %10, Textured Boards -%10 to +%15

Width / Lenght

3,75 mm / 5 mm

Edge Smoothness


Organic Pests and Gas Emission

Does not contain any organic pests and toxic gas emissions are not available


NT type (Non-Asbestos) Board

Frost Resistance

Freeze-thaw resistant according to TS EN 12467

Water Impermeability

Impermeable according to TS EN 12467