Fibercement Board

The Advantages Of Ekobord Fibercement Board

Pressing operation

Pressing is done with a capacity of 7000 tons in the manufacture of Ekobord fibercement board. 12 mm is manufactured prior to the pressing in order to manufacture 10 mm board and after pressing process it is reduced to 10 mm thickness.

Strength in A, C and D categories

Ekobord is the only fibercement board having 3 class strength unlike the existing fibercement boards which have 1 or 2 class strength.

Usability as rigid bottom layer with D category

The only fibercement board, which has been deemed compatible for being used also on grounds pursuant to TSE 12467, is Ekobord.

Water absorption rate less than 25%

Water absorption rate of Ekobord fibercement boards is 25% at maximum unlike the existing fibercement boards with about 30% water absorption rate.

Not crack

No material unsuitable to the nature of the board is used in the manufacture of Ekobord fibercement board and cracking possibility is eliminated by applying a pressing process.

Non-decomposing and invisible layers

The board layers tend to adhere to each other 3 times more than other fibercement boards thanks to the pressing process applied and thus the layers of Ekobord fibercement board is not seen and dont decompose from each other.

High sound and heat insulation

Ekobord fibercement boards alone provide 28 Db sound insulation and have ideal heat insulation because of being manufactured suitably for all kinds of climatic conditions.

The only mold-repellent fibercement board

Ekobord is the only fibercement board which has been proved not allowing mold formation through the tests conducted by international laboratories.

Breathing boards

The fibercement board, which breathes at the highest amount with a water vapor resistance of 250 μ, is Ekobord.

Nature and human friendly

Human and environmentally friendly, natural and odorless raw materials are used in the manufacture of Ekobord fibercement boards. Ekobord boards dont emit harmful gases into the environment during any fire.


Ekobord fibercement boards that are not affected by water and insects do not decay, do not necessitate special care and last many years.

High fire resistance

Ekobord fibercement boards are A1 class incombustible construction material according to EN-13501-1, and help the fire to be put out. They are resistant to cold, chemical substances, atmospheric conditions, ultraviolet rays and animal wastes.

Easy to install and use

Ekobord fibercement boards are lightweight, easily sized, save time with the prime-painted products, easy to transport.


Ekobord fibercement boards provide saving in time and labor because of no necessity of fine plaster work.

Aesthetic appearance

Patterned Ekobord fibercement boards bring a warm and aesthetic appearance to the buildings.