Vefa, founded a company in Teknopark İstanbul
Vefa, which is the innovative brand of the prefabricated and steel structure sector founded an innovation and technology company in Teknopark Istanbul. Orhan Güner, Vefa Chairman, registered that the Innovation and Technology Development Unit, which until now continued its work under the holding organization was converted into a company and attained a corporate structure.

Vefa, founded an innovation and thick development company in Teknopark Istanbul.

Orhan Güner, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Vefa, one of the leading groups in the prefabricated and steel structures sector, said that they moved their Innovation and Technology Development Unit which they positioned at the holding center and which is tasked with running innovation efforts by enabling interaction with all units within the organization to Teknopark Istanbul and connected its incorporation process.

Güner who registered that in Vefa's Innovation and jacket Development Unit there was a broad team consisting of engineers, architects and industrial designers who have put their signatures under works in academic level, explained: “Additionally building cooperating with consultants and academicians we are also included them in our processes. We have now given an independent structure to this unit we had under our holding’s organization. We realized the opening of our office in Teknopark Istanbul and we have also completed or incorporation process together with our new location. Thıs we shall be able to create solutions to our country's technology needs in many critical areas with our sector view.”

Orhan Güner who also provided information on the efforts and goals of the office which started operations in Teknopark Istanbul and the company which was founded, underlined that they shall concentrate on R&D and P&D activities. Güner who said that the company shall develop projects with TÜBİTAK, KOSGEB, TTGV, Development Agencies and universities, listed their objectives as “conducting R&D activities in the field of advanced technologies materials, developing new products for defense industry by testing alternative and new materials in the products produced, developing lightweight materials having low thermal conductivity coefficients, running work to raise added value in existing products and conducting work in the field of renewable energy.”

“The value added solutions which we produce are the locomotive in our competitive superiority” Orhan Güner who noted that since the day it was founded Vefa has made innovation the most important part of their corporate culture and thıs with the new products and technologies they brought to the sector since 24 years the corporate success which they achieved emerged, said “The fact that we could do that from the very beginning is giving us a big advantage. This way we are more agile and are saved from becoming an unwieldy structure as it grows.”

Güner who underlined that Vefa has grown many folds during the last 5 years, said that in this growth graph they greatly saw the contribution of innovation. Güner spoke: “Products which we newly developed comprise almost 50% of our total turnovers in recent years. The value added solutions which we produce both raise the sector's standards and the comfort of our customers and become the locomotive of our growth and competitive superiority.”